Hodlberg ]-[ Financial - Tokenized Holdings

Token Audit

Optional: Paste the JSON output from the token metadata to auto-populate the fields


Every token request returns a unique signature that verifies its authenticity. The signature is comprised of data viewable on the token face aggregated into a single "message." This tool recreates the message used to generate the signature so one can verify for themselves that the token and its data were authentically generated by Hodlberg Financial.

There are several ways to collect the data for audting:

  • Click the ‘Reveal Data’ link on token view
  • Open the browser's developer tools and inspect the ‘tokenData’ object output to the console on token view
  • Call the tokenapi directly
  • Look at the image and write it down

This process uses standard Ethereum message verification and can be run in any client app. For convenience, a JSON object is generated once the "Verify" button is clicked. This JSON object can be used to verify on an independent site, like MyCrypto.

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