Hodlberg ]-[ Financial - Tokenized Holdings

Step 1

Connect a wallet that will hold your token, or holds your existing Hodlberg NFT
This wallet should not have any balances you'd like to attest, in order to maintain privacy.


Looking for existing tokens... (?)

Step 2

Add addresses of wallets that hold funds. Every attested address will contribute to the aggregate balance of your token.
If adding an Ethereum address, we will auto-discover any supported ERC20s or held NFTs, which will also be part of your aggregate balance.

Sign a message for each attested wallet address with 'HODLBERG ' as the input, and provide the resulting signature below (?)
Sign a message for an ETH address over at MyCrypto or use our open-source tool for BTC, LTC, or DOGE

Step 3 (optional)

Add more addresses you control or connect a Coinbase account to keep adding to your token.

(+) Add address (?)

Add Coinbase Account (?)

Step 4

Create (or add to) your token! This will verify all entered information and create your unminted Hodlberg Temporary Token or add to an existing token.

Addresses/Accounts provided can only ever be used once! (?)


Connect your account to manage your Token(s)

This token will be deleted in . (?)

Add Site

Authorize a site to access your token(s) by inputing their Site Key and the User ID associated with the site

Challenge Token

Add some custom text to a one-off token to respond to a challenge.

Challenge Tokens are always 'fuzzed' and will live for 24 hours.

A-Z, 0-9, spaces, periods, forward slashes (/), dashes, and underscores only. 14 character limit.
Generating Challenge Token...
This will be/is the Ethereum Public Address that contains your Hodlberg NFT. We strongly recommend that this address exist separately from any address that is used to hold funds or transact. Keeping the NFT address separate ensures privacy so no one can link your NFT to your on-chain activity.
If you have an existing token, its ID will appear here and you can add new addresses to it. Otherwise, select 'Create a new Token' to create a new token that will belong to the Token Wallet Address you entered.
'Message Signing' proves you have control over a given Public Address, without transfering funds or revealing the Private Key to Hodlberg. Hodlberg provides an open-source tool to sign messages for ETH, BTC, LTC, and DOGE addresses, but any tool of your choosing will do. Be sure to input the message as 'HODLBERG ' in all caps, without the quotation marks. Sign a message for each attested address entered in the "Public Address" field after unlocking that specific wallet address with the signing tool of your choice. Each signature will be unique per address.
You may add multiple addresses and their respective signatures during the creating process. More can be added later.
Connect a Coinbase account via oAuth to your token.
Ethereum wallet address that contains the Hodlberg NFT.
Addresses and accounts (like Coinbase) can only ever be added to a token once. If you lose access to your NFT, you will need to move the underlying funds to a different address to use the funds again in an attestation or follow our third-party account recovery procedure to remove an account like Coinbase.
Until a token is minted, it will only live for 24 hours. Once that time is up, the token will be deleted and any attested addresses or accounts released so they can be used again to create a new token. Once a token is minted, however, addresses and accounts can not be released or used again.